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Your Friendly Locksmiths Are Always Happy To Help

All the blokes who are finished with their raving and singing on the terraces as faithful members of Newcastle’s famous toon army can now take note. Because what should happen if they should arrive late at night at their flat, only to find that they are completely shut out for the night?

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No, their disgruntled missus did not lock them out for arriving so late in the night. And their team actually won? Cor blimey. Talk about a winning combination then because these are the blokes that are going to help you out when you have seemingly misplaced your car keys in the car in the parking lot outside the stadium, long after the game has ended.

For those taking a peek in, the famous toon army is the army of blokes who loyally support the city of Newcastle’s beloved United, week in and week out. For the local lads that have locked themselves out of their cars and flats and townhouses so late at night, the local locksmiths are just as chirpy and always willing to lend a hand, always at a moment’s notice. They operate an essential emergency service, you see, to take care of you if you’re locked out. So they keep their lines open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, even if there is a big game on the go.

The moment you buzz them, they’ll have a smile on their mugs and be sending you a van over right away. Quicker than Allan Shearer? Quicker than Kevin Keegan? You never know, they’ve been reputed to be the fasted servicemen in their areas of expertise. That is to say; getting you all out of your embarrassing and emergency scrapes. They are a family team, so they will always understand. They have high work standards and love putting their name to all the fine work they finish.

It can happen to anyone. Keys are easily misplaced absentmindedly.  But there are more serious incidents that make an expert and experienced locksmith come in handy all the more. They can take care of new installations to ensure that your business premises and home are secured lock, stock and barrel. Safe as houses, as they say. Warranties of security are extended by providing you with the personal touch.

Best parts for the best job in town are always used. Proper training for new lads is an imperative. Because this is a customer service, every effort must be made to offer cash-strapped blokes a good deal that they can afford. Imagine that then, hey. A locksmith finishes his work, or so he thinks. He doesn’t step into his van with his friendly wave until such time that you are well and truly satisfied with the job he has just completed for you.

So, if something does seem out of key for you, don’t be shy to let the locksmith know. After all, you are the customer and you are paying for the deed.